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Electrostatic Therapy / Static Electricity Therapy Machine

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Electrostatic Therapy / Static Electricity Therapy Machine

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 Model Number

YK 9000

 Brand Name


 Power output

110V, 220V




30 min - 5 hours


11.5 kg

 Output voltage

5500V - 9000V

Electrostatic therapy treatment for health management is an innovative healthcare method breakthrough, offered by Sana Health Limited (HK). According to scientific researches increases basic metabolic rate 20-40%.

DR. TRON YK 9000 is originally manufactured from Japan, the origin of Electrostatic high potential therapy. The Group is an expert in medical instrument developing and manufacturing for over 40 years. The products quality and therapeutic function are approved by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan., and is wisely used in elderly service institution in Japan. Main functions including
easing of headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation.

The apparatus applies safe levels of high-voltage AC potential to the body, and generate an electrical field surrounding it. This electric field gently
helps to adjust the Acidity-Alkalinity balance of blood, promote Metabolism of human tissue cells, enhance the human Natural Healing Power, maintain Homeostasis and adjust the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  

Surrounding with high voltage (up to 9000V) the body will form an electrical field, that:
- Increases calcium and calcium ions in the blood.
- Changes acidified blood to base.
- Stimulates sensory receptors.
- Generates active electrical potential in the nerve fibers.
- Stimulates the hypothalamus and the hypothesis.
- Activates and maximize the efficiency of healing hormone secretion, the immune system and the autonomous nervous system.

The consequences of pH-normalization are:
- Improved oxygen supply to the tissues
- Increased physical performances
- Increased metabolism
- Normalized hydrostatic equilibrium

Power AC220V 15W
Highest Voltage 9000V
Weight 11.5kg
Dimension L420  W310  H270mm













  Delivery lead time

1 month

  Minimum order

10 sets

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